What’s your communication game plan when you acquire a new donor?  

Obviously, it’s time to celebrate - yay, someone else has invested in your good cause!  

But do you have a system in place that will encourage this new relationship, educate your donor on how important their investment is, and keep in touch BEFORE you ask for another donation?  

Lots of nonprofits have a basic system in place - a quick autoresponder when a donation is made, or a thank you at the bottom of a donation receipt.  

To transform a new donor into a long-term partner for your nonprofit, however, requires a little nurturing. That process doesn’t have to be time-consuming or painful, but it does need a plan and some strategic messaging to retain your nonprofit’s new champion for years to come. 

Give me my New Donor Messaging Package - $27

And that’s where I can help!  

My New Donor Messaging Guide includes:

  • 3 Essential and Carefully Crafted Communication Templates Including: Welcome and Thank You Letter Impact Letter Testimonial Letter 
  • A Communications Checklist and Step-by-Step Guide Showing You What To Include Where and Why (with proven sample letters to follow) 
  • All Easy to Customize, Personalize and Automate with Downloadable WORD Templates.  

Smart nonprofits know that retaining current donors is always more effective than acquiring new ones. But the secret is that your retention efforts need to begin the moment they first donate.  

Get my proven new donor communications guide, checklist, sample letters and templates and you’ll have what you need to easily create your automated communications game plan to retain new donors for just $47.  

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